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History of the WVMSGSC


Over 70 years ago in the beautiful rolling, spreading rural farm community of God's Country - called Mt. Nebo - the leaders of the Nicholas County Song Convention had designated, and were holding, a homecoming sing at the Nazarene Church Camp, two miles west of the current campsite, near where Route 19 passes through the community. Leaders and singing groups from two surrounding counties (Greenbrier and Fayette) were invited and participated in this convention. The sing was pronounced a tremendous success, as viewed through the gospel singing circles of all present.

While the singing was in progress, a group of the leaders gathered together in the fence corner of an old chestnut rail fence that enclosed the church campgrounds. They decided - and agreed - to organize a three county convention to be held once a year at the same place. This was duly announced, and the following year the response was so great that the suggestion was voiced that it be enlarged to a five county convention including Monroe and Raleigh Counties. Then, in a larger number, the leaders of five counties were called to order in practically the same locality and conditions to include the whole state of West Virginia. This was unanimously agreed upon and the "West Virginia Mountain State Gospel Singers Association" received its name along with the theme, "Where Mountain People Sing to the Glory of God."

The word was spread to all surrounding counties and the convention grew by leaps and bounds to the point where the facilities of the large Nazarene Church Camp were no longer adequate. It was then that the sing was moved to Lover's Leap State Park in Fayette County. In two years, the sing had also outgrown this location. In the search for a greater parking area and other facilities, it was moved in the opposite direction to the 4-H Campgrounds of Camp Caesar in Webster County.

As this location was rapidly depleted, and in a frantic search for a home for the Convention, the leaders were once again directed to the Mt. Nebo area, where 40 acres of land was purchased, and there established the present Gospel Singing homesite, very near where it first originated.

Here also, we are now experiencing growing pains and the search continues for the improvement and enlargement of parking and other facilities. God has shown his hand in many wonderful ways to bless the WVMSGSA, especially the grand water well that now provides amply for the 40,000 gallon water tank and system that is now erected on the grounds.

Meanwhile, a complete set of Bylaws and Rules and Regulations were drawn up by the fifteen-member Board of Directors, governing the Convention and a Charter has been recorded with the State of West Virginia.


West Virginia Mountain State Gospel Singers Corporation

Mount Nebo, WV 26679

Organized in 1949
Chartered in 1956


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